Merry-go-round Rotonda

& large-sized

Large-sized and kiosk for Merry-go-round插图

Merry-go-round closed with a rotanda in Azerbaïdjan

Why closing a Merry-go-round with a Rotonda?

The merry-go-round can be closed or simply covered with a rotanda.

It offers a great way to welcome  your visitors in full safety & protect them to any special climatic conditions.

Passengers and visitors can have a few time inside the kiosk, protected from wind, rain, snow or sun and hot temperatures.

It creates a large and nice space to offer more place inside a Theme Park or in City’s urban areas, where people can have fun.

Do not only think at the big attraction, the merry-go-round can reveal a magnificent allure and enhance the beauty of your place.

This big structure can include areas for cross-marketing with goodies, candies, food & beverage, and so on.

Large-sized and kiosk for Merry-go-round插图1

Merry-go-round covered with a rotanda in Japan

Size & Kiosk for all wishes

We can fulfill any needs of residential, mixed use and commercial developments. Our clients come from different industries such as amusement parks, fashion, marketing and event planning, entertainment, retail, petroleum refinery, municipalities, tourism etc.

Standards & certification

ASTM, EN: 13814, ISO 9001, TÜV SÜD, TÜV NORD, SCEI certifications, and so on. We provide adaptation to all local standards, Size and Place Requirements, Indoors and Outdoors, Heat and Cold Weather Resistant

After-sale & Maintenance

On site installation is performed by our professional technicians to make sure everything works well and ready for operation. Our company offers after sale service & maintenance contrats to stay in touch with every client.

High reliability & adaptability

Our strength lies in the high quality of produced products with the ability to manufacture light weight carousels that can be used by people of any age, from babies to elderly, with a smart system for maintenance that does not require much attention gives us advantage among other producers.

Large-sized Merry-go-round with Rotonda rounding board

Concept1900 Entertainment manufactures large-sized carousel too, which can be decorated with rotanda roundingboards to offer a magnificent view.

The upper side of the carousel

A large volume of passengers can be implemented inside with a lots of animated carousel horses.